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Tejano is a way of life. Music, Culture, and its People. 

Growing up in South Texas just miles from the Texas-Mexican border and in a small town. I have always seen Tejano as a way to describe native Hispanic Texans or as I see it now Texans in Spanish. You don't need to be Hispanic to be Tejano accepting the Culture and respecting it is enough and don't forget you must be native to Texas! 

Tejano Adventures Radio

Radio Show

Tejano Adventures Radio is your dose of Tejano and so much more.  Whether you're Tejano, Chicano, or Mexican.  We have you covered!
In addition to the latest & greatest Tejano music, you get your fix of Norteño, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Latin Rock & Pop.  
Owner, Fonz Peña has over 15 years of experience with Tejano music including running sound for Tejano & Spanish artists at Lone Star Saloon in Uvalde, Tx, and hosting an afternoon & morning show on Uvalde's radio station KUVA-FM from 2007-2015 and 2017- 2018 or something like that. lol

Our Story

Our story is simple. We are a family on a mission. It starts with smiling faces when we start on a  new project. Our goal is to make customized products on anything we can and if we make you smile with our content our day is made.



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